Beach Parties
Celebrate good times, come on!

Beach parties

Celebrate good times, come on!

When the 3rd best beach in the world happens to also be your backyard, hosting parties almost becomes second nature. From the world-renowned Eagle Beach, the popular and lively Palm Beach, the local frequented Arashi Beach and the peaceful Baby Beach… oh, if the sand could speak... it would recite all the lasting memories we were fortunate enough to create together with YOU. 

Just tell us what we are celebrating, how and where we are turning it up and we will arrange the beach permit and all the goodies needed for an unforgettable time!




  • Birthday Parties
  • Sweet 16
  • Welcome Parties  
  • Happy Hours
  • After Parties
  • Divorce Parties
  • and everything worth celebrating...

Catering Services

Let's eat!

Ditch the uninspired chips and bland canned soft drinks and spice up your party with tasty bites and exotic cocktails. 

Our culinary artist Jacky makes the fusion between international cuisine and traditional Aruban dishes seem effortless. Using fresh ingredients with a modern twist, her creations never fail to surprise. Whether she is deep frying coconut shrimps to serve in a pineapple shell with Piña Colada dressing, or if she is mixing the local fruit tamarind in the classic Mojito summer cocktail — you and your guests are bound to be dazzled.  

Choose from Chef Jacky’s carefully curated food and beverage items or share your desires and let’s mix and match our way to a perfect carte du jour!

Food &


  • Picnic baskets

  • Hors d’oeuvres selection

  • Walking dinners

  • Family style dinners

  • Food stations

  • Freshly crafted cocktails 

  • Open bar packages

  • Prosecco and Beer on draft

  • Wine

  • Smoothies 


Featured Concepts



From freshly crafted cocktails to smoothies and champagne, LOLA, our vintage retro red VW Bar, can serve it all!


Why have one VW van at your party when you can have two? LUCY, our ocean blue VW photo booth invites you to dress up, say cheese and collect beautiful memories.



Your beach is your vibe

Social butterfly or outgoing introvert? Off the beaten path or must see and be seen? 

It is no secret that Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But, like you and The Little One, no beach is created equal. Let’s find the perfect spot in the sand where you and your guests can party like rock stars or chill like islanders. You bring the vibe, we'll take care of the rest.



Plant an elegant grand piano right on the beach of Aruba. This is no ordinary piano. Yes, it can produce classical music but through, wait for it… a stylish DJ booth! Impress your guests and add some flair to your party with BEETHOVEN. Invite ROCKABILLYour Wurlitzer jukebox, to the show and watch your guests morph into DJs, taking turns entertaining each other with their favorite tunes. 

Upon availability, we can also book a DJ, steelpan players or a band to
rock your party into the sunset!


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